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Mother of the World. Jan, 11. 2014My beloved children! I always wait for you in my abode, on the hill of awakening and enlightenment. You all can come into my home, where I wait for you with great love and joy. Come to me, I'm a Mother, I will console and embrace you, I will wipe your tears, give an advise and direction to you. Who are the person which can cuddle you and hug - your Mother doubtlessly. I accept everyone into my embrace. I'm glad you have a desire to visit me, I feel your response and willingness! So I invite you to my Paradise gardens, it full of love and tenderness. I will fill you with the various elixirs and you will transformed and could not recognize yourself when you would come back! Everything what is burden you will be taken away into my Beam and dissolved. Come into my Beam of love, stay up and open your hearts. Birds in your hearts will start to sing, hear the whisper of fragrant flowers, the murmuring of mountain rivers. Everything starting to merge with you in a divine purity, fill yourself up because the filling is divinely. Fill yourself with the silence which is needed for you now and cognize the silence of God, the silence of Universe. Here is your insight and connection with the Source. You will meet the Father in my Beam as we are the Oneness, there are no separations where I am - all here just One! And all is love. And I create everything in love and now I create your transformation. From now on be in a peace and harmony inside of you and bring it to your world and give to everything and everyone. Let the Gaya be awaken, and your hearts will rejoice because of your liberation from duality and they will be connected in Father-Mother. I asking you to generate love in your hearts and continually give and increase love. Take as much love from my heart as you need but give it out much more. Many souls waiting for your actions, ready to become awaken. So awake them and bring them to me. It is time for us to meet and cuddle. My embrace is necessary for many of you, the hearts are sick and souls moan, they asking of healing for them. Bring to me everyone who wish , I'll warm everyone with divine love. And thus the humanity will be transformed and you will have an ascension sooner. And the beautiness and knowingness of the Universe will open over you.I calling you to love and give the love.To carry the light and multiply it in your hearts.And divine Providence will come true.Always with love and grateful to youMother of the World

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:09:26
Автор: Марина Семенова
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